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Hello Friends, my name is Claire (this IS my real name) and I would like to show you on these pages what my site is about. I am a real English girl on a quest to explore every corner of my sexual spectrum. I have tried lots of stuff and I will try lots of stuff in future. Some I liked a lot, some a little, but so far I could not find anything I really didn't like.

This site is 100% real amateur operated by me and my partner, and the purpose of it all is, to let you follow me on my journey to find the ultimate orgasm. When I started to post on the net in 1996, I was rather shy and didn't want to show too much, but over the years I have become, what you might call a nymphomaniac exhibitionist, never getting enough, never going far enough.

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I've never had contact with the adult industry so you might wanna know how I got started with this site? It all began with a dare. I was (and still am) forever complaining about the rubbish you find on the net, and when Andy, my partner in pain and pleasure, suggested I could do it better, I did. That was 10 years ago. I have grown up a lot since then and I have seen many amateur sites come and go. In fact at the moment, it is really hard for amateur sites to survive, as more and more get pushed out by big companies. But I am still here, and lovin' it. Everything you see on this site is homemade. I absolutely do not employ outside people, for either design and coding nor for taking photos, videos or any other stuff you will find. As you go through this tour, you will find photos and videos taken from my members area (We had to censor them, just in case any kids find their way in here). Be assured, inside my members area, everything you see is uncensored and very much hardcore. So all you have to do, to see me sucking, fucking, taking facials and spreading my pussy for you, is to join me. Maybe you've got a particular fetish, like smoking, pissing, footsex, cfnm, male penetration with toys or a strap on? Those are just a few things I really like to do. Wanna see a few samples?

You like those? Well, I have over 10.000+ photos (of me only) for you to enjoy. They are all exclusive to my site and you can not get them anywhere else and the same is true for my videos. Over 900+ of them. If you view them all in one go, it will take you over 50 hrs so, I really have got plenty of stuff for you to come again and again.You also find 200+ stories to read. And that is just stuff of me. You still get tons of horny pics and movies from other girls, who, just like me, can't keep their pussy hidden away. Updated Regulary .

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Now, I often get told by our members, that the best feature of this site is our Request for Members section. When you join, you will have access to my personal email address and you can send me your ideas, wishes and desires. Every week, I take one or two of these requests, which grab my attention, and play them out in a photo shoot. If you are lucky, you will see your request posted on my site soon! Maybe you just wanna talk to me or get to know me better? I am always here for you and you can be sure, that I personally reply to your emails. People don't believe me when I say that, and in the past I've even had to prove it, which I am happy to do. I do understand, that when you get ripped off a few times (I know it happens), it is hard to believe there are still genuine people out there, but there are, and i am one of them. I will never rip anyone off or do things which I would consider a pain. All you will get from me, is pure pleasure.

Now, let me show you what I get up to in my free time. As I said before, my sexlife is a journey, and I don't think I am even half way through. When I started I was very oral fixated. And that will show in my early photos. But I quickly got the taste for cum, cumplay, eating and drinking cum. So there's lots of that to see too. Maybe you wanna see my ass getting pounded or how about some Bondage. Lots of Handjobs - I love stroking dick. With or without gloves, sometimes with my finger up his ass. Or maybe you like something softer, like some glamour or flashing shots. Watch me get off with toys or aids. And there's lots of stuff for the Smoking Fetishist. Even those intimate moments like shaving myself or going for a pee, are shown inside my club. Take a look at some more of my pictures, before I tell you about my videos on the next page. Before I forget, I also like playing with balls and using my strap on to fuck his ass. I was also 9 month pregnant and we've made many pictures during this time. Andy and I try out anything we get into our heads, and that is what makes us different from 'commercial amateur sites'. I have never seen a commercial site where the guy bends over and has his ass probed with a dildo. Why? Because a hired model gets told what to do, but for us it is pure pleasure!

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